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Male Crush Monday Brand Love: Chris Campbell's Shoe Bakery

Hey you guys.  Rarely do I post about the fellas over here. I decided to make Monday’s one of my days to support them too and share the ones I love. So, are you ready to put another creative artist on your list to support?

I’ve been in love with Shoe Bakery for the past few years and I haven’t purchased a thing from them yet. I can’t ever decide what I want when I visit their site and I literally want everything. I’m hoping that friends and relatives will read this and just pick some stuff out for me and surprise me.


Chris Campbell is the head artist and founder of Shoe Bakery. Every design is a one of a kind work of art for him as he mixes his passion of sweets and his love for fashion and style. When you visit his online shop you’ll find ice cream sandwich shoes, waffle cone purses, flats with sprinkles and more.

The Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Bag

love TL Hayden | Shoe Bakery

This little bag brings me back to my childhood. Icecream sandwiches use to be my favorite treat from the icecream truck and they still are til this day.

Love TL Hayden | Shoe Bakery

If you don’t like waffle cones I’m going to think something is wrong with you. This bag and this pattern is giving me all the feels! I think it would be perfect for any season.

Love TL Hayden | Shoe Bakery

Can’t ever forget about unicorns. I’d probably buy this and say its for my daughter but honestly we’d have to share it and she can only wear it on special occasions. It would have to be put up high on the shelf where she can’t reach it, and her crayons and markers are not allowed inside of it.

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Love, TL Hayden

Cashmere Nicole’s Beauty Bakerie

I’m in love with Beauty Bakerie’s entire brand from the look to the sweet packaging. They are also another brand on my Christmas list. Hopefully, the hubs is reading this because I’d like a few of their treats in my stocking.


Illustration by my girl Fisayo of

Beauty Bakerie is a banging black owned business founded by Cashmere Nicole, another plus in my book, because I’m always down to shop for the culture. She has survived many setbacks before getting to where she is now and a total inspiration to not give up. She’s a breast cancer survivor and a single mother.

I don’t even wear makeup like that, but when I see cool packaging, I swear it makes me want to purchase it, whether I’m going to use it or not. To be honest tho, their lip whip gloss and cake mix foundation is what had me at hello.

beauty bakerie

So, here’s another cool brand to love and support during the holidays. Treat yourself or gift to a friend or family member. I’ve got a couple of make up lovers and make up artists on my list who I know I could snag a few things for.

You can shop on line for Beauty Bakerie or find them at Sephora. Take a look!

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Love, TL Hayden

Stocking Stuff With Woven Pear Socks for Christmas

For the first time last year we did stocking stuffing along with gifts under the tree. This year we will do the same and I’m already looking for the coolest items to stuff in each one, while supporting my favorite small businesses and entrepreneurs. For the past three years I’ve been a huge fan of the instagram worthy novelty socks by Woven Pear.

You’ll find socks with whimsy patterns, bold colors, food, and more. Each sock created to bring a little joy and smile to someones face when looked upon. If you’ve followed my post from the past, you’ll remember seeing some of the cutest socks on my feet, with icecream, donuts, and emojis too. Here’s some of my favorites below.

Click the button to check out more, and even use my discount to save up to 56% on their sock subscriptions

Love, TL Hayden