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Rhianna Marie Chan Illustrations & Designs

Happy International Women’s Day! It’s also Women’s History Month, so I’m feeling all the feministic vibes that other creative ladies got going on this month. Today’s feature goes to Rhianna Marie Chan, my top picks from her shop, and favorite prints that will make for cool post on your social media and stories .

Here’s some of her cool quote pics for social media too. Just save the image and upload it.

Defoe Studio Illustrations & Design

I’ve been a fan of illustrator Sherrill Defoe for a  few years now. Her work exudes girl power and I’ve got plans to add her work to my place soon.

One of my favorite things she just released is her 1800-DONT-TOUCH-MY-HAIR iron-on patch. Below are my top picks from her shop, check her out!

Love, TL Hayden

I use coconut oil for everything, hair, body, teeth, lol. It’s so useful. That poster of the girls, is going up in my apartment somewhere... I just haven’t figured out where. That patch is going on a hat or jacket if it doesn’t sell out before I can get my hands on one, and one of those stickers needs to be posted in my notebook💕 Like anything you see? Click below to visit her shop.

Love & Lion Gift Wrap

I love shopping for cool gift wrap during the holidays. I’ve never been a fan of the old traditional Christmas gift wrap with Santa and his elves, or the typical gift wrap our parents and grandparents use to buy. So, all this week I’ll be posting some of my favorite wrapping papers for you to snatch up in time for Christmas. Today’s highlight goes to one of my favorite shops, Love & Lion owned by Jenni and Leah, two mompreneurs based in Nashville, Tennessee. They’re known for their creative temporary tattoos but this holiday they’ve created some fun wrapping paper too.