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Shop Love Frankie Tees & Things

I love comfy graphic tees! I mean duh, I have a shop of my own full of them. Besides that, I love finding cute ones made by others too. Today, I’m picking my top favorite girly vinyl tees and things made by Jessica of Love Frankie Studio in Clarksville, Tennessee. Just like I, Jessica is a mom of two and a designer of a tee/accessory brand. I always love when I find a creative momma to support. Shopping from them means you’re supporting an entrepreneur and the future generation as well. Here are my favorite things below.

What’s your favorite tee? I can see my future first buy being “BOUGIE SPICE” or “SISTERHOOD OF HOTMESS MOMS”

Love Frankie Studio also has these cute iridescent keychain letters…

If that’s not enough, you can find these cool pouches too.

And if you prefer to have your own name or quote on something, she can do that too, if you ask.

Love, TL Hayden

Planning With Little Magic Prints Stickers

How much do you love planning out your day. I'm still like that kid in school who uses colored markers, highlighters, and stickers in their agenda book to categorize lists of things to do and make those calendar boxes a little more appealing. I still adore making my planner fun and creative. I don't purchase as much as I use to because I know things will pile up and never get used. Now, you can find me supporting a select few designers who create some of the dopest sticker designs and dashboards in the planner community.


Today's feature goes to Little Magic Prints by Tamika Harvey. She creates digital dolls for your planner and all you have to do is download them on sticker paper and cut them out. 

Tamika designs her dolls in various shades of color, so no one feels left out. Availabe in her shop is other clipart designs as well

For more Little Magic Prints visit the shop

Love, TL Hayden

I often use this Avery Repositionable Sticker Paper from Amazon.

All About Those Planners by ANNOUNCE DIVINELY

Last week I got a newsletter in my inbox from one of my favorite stationery designers, Ebony Nichols, she's been featured here a few times and I thought I'd share her planners here too.

All her planners are in notepad format making them quick to grab and write in. Each one fits a very specific purpose, and they are her bestsellers! 

Here's each planner below and her description of each


"The It's Done Darling is the OG of the planner game at Announce Divinely. It is pink all over and designed to help you figure out your daily goals with a little introspection thrown in for good measure." - Ebony of Announce Divinely


"During undergrad, I was very nerdy about my classes, but I also participated in a lot of campus activities and organizations. And let's just say that I may have forgotten a test or meeting or two. The Chic Collegiate is the perfect place to jot everything down so those undergrad years don't seem too chaotic." - Ebony of Announce Divinely


“I'm a sorority girl, so I understand how hectic that life can be. So much info, and those chapter minutes end up folded up in the bottom of your bag, never to be seen again...but your committee chair has texted you twice to see if you did that thing you were supposed to do...yep, The Sorority Daybook will keep you organized. These make great Big Sis/Lil Sis and Initiation gifts, and can be used for any organization.”- Ebony of Announce Divinely


“My sister is the inspiration for this planner (I don't think she knows it...but she's subscribed to this newsletter, so there's that). She is an amazing mom, wife, sister, and daughter, and she simply DOES. IT. ALL. The Mommy Manager is perfect to help organize all those-to-do lists into something cute and hand-sized.” - Ebony of Announce Divinely


“Teachers are the real MVPs. So much happens between 8am and 3pm each day. I'm sure EVERY teacher could write a New York Bestsellers novel. The Prepped Teacher is the perfect tool to keep the day as structured as possible. Especially since Little Timmy thinks it's okay to slide down the hall on his backpack.” - Ebony of Announce Divinely


“Working out is hard to do. Remembering to drink your water is way harder than remembering to drink your iced caramel lattes. The Spotter is a fitness companion that has all the space for you to record what you've done that day. Those 50 squats didn't do themselves. You did that! The Spotter is there so you won't forget that amazing workout you did last Tuesday.”  - Ebony of Announce Divinely

Just in case you're not following Ebony... (Sideeye… this is where you choose to do so, lol @announcedivinely

Love, TL Hayden