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These Baddie Hair Bonnets Are Made For The Culture

Every girl with good hair, curls, braids, locks, or wigs knows that it’s best to sleep with a bonnet or scarf and silk or satin are always the best choices. Today’s Friday fave feature goes to Tiffany Stargill, the owner of Baddie Bonnets that are made for the culture. Her hair bonnets are “an absolute must have for protecting natural hairstyles and maintaining moisturized coils and curls.”

I’m in love with all the patterns and colors of course. Here are my favorite top bonnets.

I personally sleep with a scarf every night but now I want one of these!!!  

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Design Your Life: Super Moms Need Self Care Too

Some days I feel like Supermom and others I feel super defeated. I’ve found out that balance and faith is sooo important. I can be my own worst critic. And what’s that going to help? Nothing at all.


I broke down a couple weeks ago. I felt the stress of trying to DO IT ALL. I literally didn’t want to be a mom at that moment.

What I realized is we’ll have bad days but we can’t allow a bad day to take over or erase the good days.

Her Design Diary

Taking time for myself and incorporating what I like to do with my kids has been essential in getting my mind focused on the good things during any given day. Getting outside at least once a day helps out a lot.

Her Design Diary

Living in Pennsylvania the weather is unpredictable, but being aware of these changes and adapting to whatever it throws my way has helped with letting go of what I can not control.

Her Design Diary

And honestly I believe some things happened to me personally so I could lean on God to help and take over. I don’t have it all together but with HIS help and guidance my days become more smooth. 

Her Design Diary | Christa Smiles

So find time to drink your coffee, listen to your favorite music, read a book, dance in the rain, play in the snow, let the sun kiss your face, but whatever you do DON’T GIVE UP! Life has a funny way of reminding us who we are and throwing us curveballs when we least expect it. I know I can’t be Supermom everyday and my kids could careless if I was super or just average they love me regardless. Don’t forget to take care of you. And the rest will fall in place.

Love, Christa

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Thirsty Thursday: Choosing Chia Smoothies
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I sometimes make a smoothie for breakfast and often for the whole family after dinner. My kids don’t always eat their vegetables. So, smoothies are a way of sneaking them in and they make for  a perfect sweet healthy snack. I’m known for mixing what I have in the fridge with no real plan or recipe involved. My smoothies end up becoming either a hit or miss, which can be a waste. So I’ve decided to start saving recipes. This week, I stumbled upon the blog and IG feed of Choosing Chia and her colorful smoothies.

Click on the pics for the recipes

Nutty  Banana Smoothie

Favorite Green Smoothie

Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie

Papaja Mojito Smoothie

Jess, the editor of Choosing Chia uses chia seeds, tumeric, and other garnishes, toppings, and seasonings that I would never think to use. For more of her, visit

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