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Macarons And Mimosas' Premade Logos and Branding

I stumbled upon Macarons and Mimosas this week, while curating some logo ideas for a few clients. I visited their shop and took a look at all their feminine logos and fell in love. The rose golds, gold foil textures, and the calligraphy fonts stole my heart so much I had to make Macarons and Mimosas part of my directory for all my fellow bossbabes. Macarons and Mimosas is a boutiqe design studio in Las Vegas, created by Lindsay, a designer and brand stylist. She has branding service packages ranging from $185 to $1200 but if you’re on a budget she offers premade quality designs too.

The pre-made branding designs you’ll find around here are not only gorgeous and budget friendly but time-saving as well if you’re looking to get your business/brand in the face of others pretty quickly.

Here’s some of my favorites from Macarons & Mimosas

Looking to brand your business or blog, and love the Macarons & Mimosas style and aesthetic, head over to their shop and pick out your new logo and more.

Love, TL Hayden

Easily Start Your Own Apparel & Accessory Shop With Nothing

Owning an online accessory shop is one of my sources of income as a graphic designer. But you don’t necessarily have to be a graphic designer or need a graphic designer to start your own online shop. Every day, someone either asks me how I started my line or tells me they want to design their own custom tees but they don’t have the time, money, and it seems like a lot of work. So today, I’m going to help you start off small, even if you just want to do it as a hobby or sell clothes that you want to wear on your own. If you’re a blogger or brand, adding a little merch to your website can’t hurt either.

No Skills Needed

No Major Up Front Cost Needed

Just Time & Patience

Easily Start Your Own Apparel & Accessory Shop With Nothing

With my tiny apartment and kids, there’s no way I can fully keep stock of items inside my home or have the time to ship things. Joseph gets into everything and right now it would just be too overwhelming. So, I use a print on demand company to help me with printing and they do the shipping too, with my brands name on the packages.

Why you don’t really need a designer

If you just want to create basic items, the company allows you to create on their website using their text editor and clipart. Once you’ve designed your product, you can choose from various mockups and post them to your social media or upload them to your website as product pics.


Need A website to Post Your Products With

I suggest using Etsy, Shopify and Squarespace. they have integrations with these sites and a few others so that your customers order goes directly to them. They’ll debit your card, print the order and ship it for you. You don’t have to do anything but sit back and collect your cut. It’s also an option to process your orders manually as they roll in, too. Sounds easy right. Please note, it does take some time on your part to sync and connect your products together. If you’ve never had a website before and you’re on a budget, I’d recommend using Etsy. They already have a huge following of buyers and you wont have to pay a monthly hosting fee like you would for a website. Just know that Etsy will take out their own process fee per sale, so make sure to keep that in mind when you are putting a price on your products.

Ready to create your own line of products? Go here to see who I use.

Love, TL Hayden

Logo for Vosha's Lovies & 3 Free Logo Mockups

Hey!! I Finished up a logo today for Vosha of . The original one we did months ago was more of a handwritten script. After much growth she realized it needed to be a little more edgier for her and her followers. There wasn't much work for me to do since she had already sketched out what she wanted. Take a look below... (If you're a graphic designer click the pics to download these same logo PSD. mockups for your portfolio)

Download this Cutout Clean Logo Mockup

Download this Metallic Logo Mockup

Thanks for viewing my work.

Love, TL Hayden