Life Is Too Short For Fake People On Instagram

I've been getting questions about the growth of my instagram lately. While I'm no instagram pro and my number of followers isn't that high, I figured I'd share what has helped me along the way. Basically, when I stopped focusing on how many followers and likes I had, my instagram began to grow. Sure, I put a little time into my photos and posts ( we'll talk about that another day) but I saw changes when I started focusing on my target market and content. In the beginning, I use to post whatever I felt like posting. Other times, I'd find myself copying off others, just to see if I'd get as much followers as them. Don't ever do that. Not only does it make you look like a copycat, you confuse your audience as well. I also had personal posts mixed with my business. You know, pictures of family, food, blurry shots, and other unnecessary stuff. I realized in order to get my brand out there, I needed to be myself and post more of what my target market would want to see (which didn't include me shopping at target). Don't get me wrong. It's okay to share a few personal post but be particular about what they are. Make sure your pictures are clear and complement your brand's vibe. Don't overshare, it can get annoying. I'd suggest no more than 3 posts a day, spread out in intervals: morning, noon, night.

  • Honestly, you can have 15k followers and still have no likes 💕 . I've seen people with that amount of followers and only 15 hearts. That doesn't add up right? My point exactly. Most accounts like these clearly have paid for fake followers, otherwise you'd see more interaction on their feed. Never purchase likes or followers.  You wouldn't go out and purchase a friend in real life would you? {JUST SAY NO}. Be yourself and those who get you will follow. Have you ever heard the saying "your vibe attracts your tribe". We'll it's true. When you're your authentic self, the peeps who really get you will gravitate to you, plain and simple.
  • Another reason you shouldn't purchase likes or followers, is that if Instagram finds out, they'll delete your entire account. You definitely don't want this because starting completely over sucks. 
  • Your goal is to create a sense of community, attract potential clients and customers who will actually buy your product or service, push it to others, and cheer you on. Not to mention, you'll also find purpose in being a support system or like a friend to them as well.
  • When you just focus on numbers you find yourself attracting people who don't get you or your brand. Not everyone will like you or what you do and that's okay! (I've said that so many times) But, it is okay. Find your tribe of followers and love them hard. Focus on attracting them, engage with them and your brand/business/ and true followers will grow.