Thirsty Thursday: Choosing Chia Smoothies

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I sometimes make a smoothie for breakfast and often for the whole family after dinner. My kids don’t always eat their vegetables. So, smoothies are a way of sneaking them in and they make for  a perfect sweet healthy snack. I’m known for mixing what I have in the fridge with no real plan or recipe involved. My smoothies end up becoming either a hit or miss, which can be a waste. So I’ve decided to start saving recipes. This week, I stumbled upon the blog and IG feed of Choosing Chia and her colorful smoothies.

Click on the pics for the recipes

Nutty  Banana Smoothie

Favorite Green Smoothie

Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie

Papaja Mojito Smoothie

Jess, the editor of Choosing Chia uses chia seeds, tumeric, and other garnishes, toppings, and seasonings that I would never think to use. For more of her, visit

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