11 Sassy Anti-Valentine | Galentine Gifts for You or Your Bestie

I love how Valentines Day isn’t just about couples anymore. You can find gifts for your girl-pals too, because not everyone has a boo and there’s totally nothing wrong with that. So, if you’re celebrating galentines day in honor of your besties or if you’re feeling anti-valentine all together, there’s cool stuff for that too.

Click the pics to shop my favorite picks below!

roses are red pillow

Pillows are my fave. I just added this one to the shop💕 It’s a must for any day.

I feel like I know the perfect bestfriend to gift this to. Plus I know she’ll laugh, instead of taking it too much to heart.

This greeting card is the cutest for any best friend

love the design concept of the conversation  heart. I hate the real candy, never been a fan, but I am a fan of this tee.

What’s a fuckboy you ask... it’s any dude who comes into your life with no real positive intentions. He’s only around to play games and fuck up your life. Want to help keep one away? This repellent room spray is genius, lol.

Here’s another conversation heart tee, to warn anyone who comes your way.

And because some people don’t get the hint, here’s the perfect earrings to let others know you don’t want to be bothered. 

My girls and I love to eat and we love our snacks. 

I have a friend who’d wear this for sure. Relationship goals has never been her thing. 

Know someone who keeps attracting shitty guys? or am I talking about you?… blame Cupid.  

Ariana Grande’s song is my jam. And there’s nothing wrong with moving on. This bottomless wine glass is perfect whether you’re moving on to the next dude or moving on to the next drink🤗 

What’s your fave!?

Love, TL Hayden