Weekend Recap: Confidence Conference

Hey Loves!!! So, yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Confidence Conference at Columbia College. Thanks to the creator Tatiana, of TotallyTot.com and her Confidence Squad, I was able to participate as one of their vendors due to one of their giveaways.


Can I just say I almost didn't make it tho... 🤦🏽‍♀️ 

Hmmm... Last month, I said I was going to stop vending for a few months because the hubs has been working over time. Uggghh, but I couldn't say no to the Confidence Conference. #1 It was free for me and #2 I wanted to see Ar'sheill, a friend from college whose website I had recently made over (www.aryouserious.com), and who also was a guest speaker! Anyway, this weekend the mister wasn't suppose to work overtime but he ended up having to anyway. This left me with having to find a sitter at the last minute.

I have two kids, you knooow finding a sitter isn't always that easy 😩

It's already hard to find a sitter for just one kid!! The night before I also procrastinated in getting prepared for the day. I was seriously tired and drained and went to sleep thinking I could get up early and do what I had to do... yeah right, not so much.

I showered, threw on some clothes, packed up the car, dropped them off, picked up Zhane my niece/assistant and was super late, an hour and a half late!!! Usually when my day starts off wrong I'm messed up for the rest of the day 😩.  It sucks. When we got there, I put a little food in my tummy and felt a little better. I enjoyed myself. There was a lot of black girl magic in the room. It was great to watch women come together, network, share stories, shed tears, share their faith in God, share their talents and learn from each-other.


I had to leave a little early to pick up the kids | ended up missing Ar'sheill speak :-(  | but my biggest takeaways from the event was from Tatiana: 

**Share what you know. Our talents are not just about things we can do but they have more to do with our knowledge. Don't be afraid to serve the world by sharing the things you know with others instead of being so competitive all the time. As a creative servant you can help others. Everyone can't exactly do what you do or learn what it has taken you over 10 years to learn so why not help someone else. Basically, there's room for us all to win.****

This resonated with me because I've been stuck in a place where I've been wanting to blog more, focus on my product line, and do less graphic design projects for clients. I'd rather share helpful tips to readers like you. Whether it has to do with being a mom and how I run a business at the same time, how to become a graphic designer, how to start a business, how to market it creatively for free, etc. Graphic design projects are what brings in most of my income. It's what I've been doing forever!!! So I guess, I've been fearful that my product line and this blogging thing / teaching others may not pan out. I've been knowing for awhile that I can't take on so many projects anymore, because it has become a little overwhelming balancing projects, family, and "me time". Tatiana sort of gave me that push that let me know I can't do everything, it's time to choose and it's time I just stepped out on faith. 

"It's time to work smarter and not harder," as Laisha (another Confidence Squad speaker) of LLF-Consulting stated.

Below are a few of the shops I Had the opportunity to network with. Be sure to check them out!


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Love, TL Hayden

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