Recent Work: Celeb Interviewer + Serial Entrepreneur Demi Lobo

When Demi came to me on instagram looking for someone to re-design her book cover and inside inspirational pages, let's just say I was no where near saying no. Even though, she did need it completed in like one frikkin week, lol. Usually I turn down rush projects, mainly because I have others in line waiting and second I've learned to not overwhelm myself when I also have family and household obligations. But, this was one of those times where being your own boss is a perk. When you are such, you get to pick and choose what projects you want to work on and who you want to work with. Not everyone is a great client to have for your business, and after years of learning my target market, it has become easier to tell who is great for my brand, my mental state, and who is not (VERY SERIOUS).

Demi, is one of my "dream clients", she loves pink, had been eyeing my instagram, knew exactly what she wanted, knew I could get it done, and allowed me to be creative. She is also a Chicago native (like me), and use to be a radio personalty here on WGCI. So, as soon as I saw her pic and name in my DM, I knew exactly who she was. (Like I said... I wasn't turning this one down.

Not only is Demi a celebrity interviewer/Rolling Out Magazine Correspondent, she's all about supporting other women. So when she told me about her planner, who it was targeted at, and what she hated about her current cover; We knew we had to make it a little more girly and edgy. Here's what we came up with...