Girl Gets Date

For the past month, I have been working on a new website and re-brand for Camille Virginia, the owner of Girl Get’s Date. Girl Get’s Date is an authentic and refreshing approach to meeting and dating off-line. Camille hosts various workshops on how to approach that cute guy in a comfortable way, tell if he’s interested, and how to steer a convo toward exchanging digits?  It’s perfect for those who have tried online dating and are ready for a new option to meet men. I’m in love with her new brand makeover. The look is similar to what she started with but more sophisticated and classic. It now speaks her love language with flirty colors and a clean, modern style. Check out the little peek into our process below…





First we started off with a mood and color board to figure out her style. I knew that she wanted to stick with her red and neutrals. Although as of right now she's catering to women, I wanted her palette to include a little bit of masculinity, just in case her brand evolved into helping men out as well. I threw in the dark hint of pink just for a bit of flirtyness. Even though she may not use the pink and blue on her print material they can still be used as pops of color within her decor for the workshops she hosts, for example. Once the color board was complete, we started on her brand style guide to help her stay consistent with her brand.