A Sea Party Birthday For The Littles

Happy Monday!! Although I'm still in "vacation mode" I still feel the need to share things with you here on the blog. August is pretty much always a chaotic month for me. It's full of birthdays (about 8 people in my immediate family), road trips, and family/friend get-togethers. This past weekend was all about Leah and her cousin Mia. Leah turned 4 on the 6th of August and Mia turned 5 on the 7th. The two have never really had a big birthday party. I figured it was finally time, now that they're at the age where they sort of understand what a birthday means.

After weeks of trying to figure out what to do, places being booked, etc, we decided to just throw a small party at the house. Leah and Mia both like mermaids and playing in water. So, I threw a sea party and invited our family out to celebrate.


The kids had a ball and so dUntitled-4id the adults. They enjoyed the food. My momtie (Leah's Nanna) cooked so much food I think they were overwhelmed. Some food also went with the theme of the party. Besides the usual Greens, Broccoli & Cheese Cornbread, Chicken, Yams, Salad, there was, Taffy Apple Salad, Submarine Sandwiches, Shrimp and Rice Casserole, and Homemade Ice-cream. After knowing she made Taffy Apple Salad, the Birthday Cake and the Ice-cream, I think everyone realized where Leah and I's sweet-tooth comes from. Food and sweets like this is what I've grown up around all my life. It's part of the reason why fasting/giving up food is pretty hard for me when I try (more about that and my faith at a later date).

I wish I would have gotten a better pic of the birthday cake. Hopefully someone else did, but for now this is good and it tasted good too. We decorated it with seashells and the outside frosting was an ombre of pink and teal.


Sea Sweets & Snacks





Leah had been singing Happy Birthday to herself days before her birthday and she's still singing it. I'm now trying to get her to understand that it's her Uncle Marcus birthday (TODAY, THE 10TH) and his wife (THE 11TH), her Nanna (The 14th), her dad (The 30th), her  cousin Masiah (Also The 30th, in one of the pics above) her dad's brother (The 31st), her cousin Kharter (Also The 31st, in one of the pics above) and a few others. It's time for her to let it go!



-xoxo T.L. Hayden