HM Day Spa Branding + Review

Happy Monday! I've been so busy lately with projects. I hope you had a great weekend and a great Mother's Day if you're a mom.  This past Friday, I got a chance to visit a client of mine for some pampering and relaxation. For the past month or so I've been working on projects for HM Day Spa Chicago. Today I'll be showing you what I've worked on and my own personal review of the spa.

There are a few Heavenly Massage Spa's in Illinois. This particular one wanted their own website sort of different from the main franchise website. I created a fresh color combination and inspiration board to get a good idea of their needs.


For the website I wanted to maintain a clean, sleek, and simple look. The spa looks so relaxing, earthy, and upscale when you walk inside. So I wanted  the site to be the same as well as user friendly on mobile devices. Often when you're out and about trying to search for a place on your phone you want to be able to get information and prices quick with a touch of a button and this site does exactly that. I'm still working on a few edits and incorporating other functions.




As for my day at the spa, OM! My friend Juliet and I couldn't wait to post our reviews on yelp as soon as we were done. I knew I needed to actually put a face with the owners and I needed a birthday gift for her. So, I chose to take her to the spa for a little girls time. It was also Mother's Day weekend and I was highly in need of some frikkin pampering myself. I got Juliet a 60 minute deep tissue massage and facial ; and myself a 60 minute deep tissue massage, manicure, and pedicure. (She already had her nails done)

Every one in side were so inviting. They seated us both in a private room and offered us tea or water while we waited.  Once we were in our robes and sandals, each masseuse took us to our own private room. I don't know about Juliet, but I fell asleep within 20 minutes, LOL. I hadn't been that relaxed in I don't know how long. I kept waking up, but I do know the best parts of the massage were my feet and my back. He automatically knew that my upper back was the tensest part of my body and asked If I did desk work. I laughed, "you can tell, huh". He encouraged me to stretch more, and even showed me a few techniques.

You also have the option to take steam shower after you're done, but we passed. We had to meet up with other besties for ice-cream. Even though I know the shower would have felt really good, I decided I'd wait until next time. As for my nails, I love them. I got a non-chip manicure and a regular pedi. The esthetician did a very good job on both my nails and feet. I've been cutting paper, and working on things and they have yet to chip. I'm really really happy about that. I rarely get my nails done because I mess with glue and everything else that my nails usually get messed up. This time not at all.

The prices are affordable and the customer service is great. I'm not quite sure where else you can go within down-town Chicago and get a 60 minute massage, manicure, and pedicure for $100 with quality and professional service.

I will definitely go back!

HM DAY SPA Chicago West Loop | 917 West Madison Avenue | Chicago, IL 60607 |