Color Mood: Scents of Fresh Pumpkin Spice & Marshmallows

Back with another color mood for Monday! When I look at this photo I think of scents of flowers, pumpkins, and marshmallows. Fall is definitely peeking in and soon there will be pumpkin spice drinks added to the menus of every coffee shop we know.

Need a color scheme idea? View more below. You can use them for wedding and event colors, projects, branding, and more.

Grab The Floral Styled Stock Photo Above via Wander and Rose , Perfect download for a blog, flyer, business card background or wedding industry website during the autumn season.

Love, TL Hayden

Color Mood: Pink Peonies For Fall

Peonies are some of the prettiest flowers ever. When you center yourself around beautiful things and items you love, your day will more than likely feel so much better.

Need a color scheme idea? View more below. You can use them for wedding and event colors, projects, branding, and more.

Grab The Styled Stock Photo / iPad Mockup Above via Her Creative Studio, perfect download for a blog, flyer, business card background, mock-up or website image.

Love, TL Hayden

Do You Sell Pillows: Here's 6 Of The Best Pillow Mockup Resources For Your Brand

Occasionally I'm asked by other designers and shop owners on where I get my mockups. If you're one of those in need, here are some of my favorite pillow mockups to add to your files. When adding product images to your shop, you always want to make sure you have pics of your product on a white background only and other pics that show your product being put to use. White background images are perfect for catalogs or to offer to your retail vendors. The other images are perfect for your website and social media. For most of the mockups below, you'll need Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to edit them. Click on the images for more info.

Hopefully these will help you give your product line a more polished and professional look.

Love, TL Hayden

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Try These Top Free Stock Photo Sites to Use For Your Business, Projects, or Blog

As a graphic designer, blogger, and website designer, I’m always in need of stock photo images. If you're reading this, than you're probably always in need of them too. Not everyone has great photogenic pictures on hand when needed or the budget to hire a photographer for website images, blog photos, or projects. Sometimes, you may just need a random image for your blog post or as a space filler on your social media feed. You want to make sure to use pictures that are free for commercial use and that you don’t accidentally use a photo from google search that may possibly get you in trouble for copyright infringement.  Today, I’ve gathered up all the sites I use that you can use too and their images are free!

Click on an image to take you to each related site

Pixabay |

Gratisography |

Pexels |

Free Images | www.

Polar Fox |


Unsplash |

Kaboompics |

Free Food Photos |

*A note on licenses: all the image sites featured here offer free stock photos. However, the license may vary. Many are “Creative Commons Zero,” which means they are free to use for any purpose, including commercial, with no attribution required. Always be sure that the subject of the image (people, logos, private property, etc.) is clear of rights infringement.